My first music missive

Is it just me or is music really fucking boring at the moment?  Is there any original music anymore? Have we reached a point in our culture where everything has been done before?

The answer is sadly “yes”.  I was reading the review of the new Pissed Jeans record on pitchfork yesterday and it occurred to me that rock criticism and hence rock music is all about looking over one’s shoulder. Does everything new have  to be referenced to the past. I just bought Pissed Jeans’ new record “Hope for Men” off Amazon. I bought it without listening to one track (don’t believe in downloading). Pitchfork tells me it references the great US punk band Flipper. Good enough for me and I’ll let you know whether they are right once the record arrives in a week or so.

One Response to “My first music missive”

  1. listen to the new magik markers!

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