Earth – Hex: Or Printing in the Infernal Method (Southern Lord) 2005


I feel like I should have liked Earth 2 much more than I did. I feel bad, really I do. One of the reasons Earth 2 didn’t work well for me is that it is a pure distillation of doom and while that’s perfectly fine, I’ve been spoilt by the likes of SunnO))) and the innovations they bring to the genre. The other reason may be that I bought Hex first and it’s been a regular on Mr Boo ever since and as you may now have guessed, Hex is a far different (and more satisfying) beast.

Hex also goes to prove my ever increasing hatred of the down load. The artwork with this record is fucking great. The booklet is a sepia-toned collection of photographs from the 19th century depicting the horrors of early frontier life. It is meticulously done and encapsulates the terrifying sadness of what Earth are about to unleash.

Hex is an incredible record. It is doom minus the sludge. A chokingly bleak album yet somehow beautiful at the same time. It’s codeine mixed with a pastoral expanisveness. If you ever want to hear what psychosis-inducing isolation actually sounds like then Hex is the record for you. It has more in common with Mogwai than Slayer but it shows that sometimes, just sometimes, a band can reform after a decade and produce an astonishing and important work .

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