Wolf Eyes and Black Dice – Selftitled (Fusetron) 2001


I’m always a little skeptical of collaborations. And if you have been burned like me on previous outings let me set your mind at rest. This record fucking rocks.

You just know something is going right when you kinda hear the two separate bands but you kinda don’t. And then you realise that this sounds like an entirely new band and it works and that the egos must have been left at the door. It’s a strange collaboration. The free noise, electronic, sun blissed, psychedelic Black Dice combined with the harsh, evil, bloodloss inducing, skull fuckery of Wolf Eyes. It just shouldn’t fucking work.

The first track on this starts like it should be an out take of Beaches and Canyons and then you start to hear it. No fuck it you start to feel it. Thudding through the earphones. The coming evil squelches through the electronic loop and just when I got comfortable with that the swarm of flies arrive. Its a fucking great start and only get better. Track two starts with a high pitch electronic tone that can only have one purpose and that is to kill brain cells before morphing into a dark ambient chestnut. Is that Santa’s sleighbells I hear under the mix? Nup they’ve gone again. Track 3 starts like a Wolf Eyes harsh noise thing before dirty dancing with the space rock free jam that Black Dice bring to the party. It is just so good. Track 4 is barely there, a mediation in minimalism. A very unnerving meditation in minimalism. The silence expands into Track 5 and again the noise is turned down. Another tremendous ambient track. It is neither Wolf Eyes nor is it not Black Dice. Track 6 could be John Zorn. Track 7 has us back in experimental ambient territory and it is mesmerising and trance inducing.

If only all collaborations could be this good.

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