The Dead C – Harsh 70’s Reality (Siltbreeze) 1992


So, last week I’m out for a meeting with one of my colleagues and I decide on the way back to the office to stop by my post office box to see if the international postman has bestowed blessings on me. He had and as I opened the parcel the following conversation occurred.

Colleague: Oh Goody now we can listen to a CD on the way back to the office

Me: Umm … You’re not going to like this.

Colleague: I like all sorts of music. It is alternative?

Me: More underground I think

Colleague: Well lets put it on (she unwrapped the CD and put it in the very tasteful Toyota’s CD player. She politely listens for ten seconds). Dave there’s no tune.

Me: Yup I think that’s the point. It’s pretty cool isn’t it?

Colleague: (Becoming uncomfortable) You actually like this?

Me: Yep

Colleague: Why.

Me: Well Its great to test the boundaries of music; to listen to sound as opposed to tune. To hear what artists do to sound. To hear how sounds collide, intermingle and stand alone against silence. Umm, sometimes I just need a record to bring me the noise. Don’t you notice how hypnotic and ambient the noise becomes. It creates its own music.

Colleague: Perhaps it’s easier to appreciate through headphones.

And there the conversation ended. I don’t plan to post in any length about this until I digest the other four Dead C CD’s that should arrive soon. In a previous The Dead C post I said that I couldn’t hear the Dead C in what the Yellow Swans do. Well after listening to this for the last week I fucking do now. Thanks for the tip Mr Swanson.

2 Responses to “The Dead C – Harsh 70’s Reality (Siltbreeze) 1992”

  1. yaaah!
    brilliant record (and i haven’t read the post yet)

  2. See, this is why I gave up trying to talk to music with 99% of my fellow humans years, if not, decades ago. For some reason, everybody likes to think they’re an expert on music, and if you have something they haven’t heard well, then they have to hear it. ESPECIALLY if you tell them they won’t like it — to most people that seems to mean “you aren’t cool enough to like it” and the response is a challenge rather than a warning.

    By the way, “Driver UFO” was an amazing track, wasn’t it?

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