Polvo – Exploded Drawing (Touch & Go) 1996


So last year I take some time off for the birth of my son. Between sleep deprivation and mild cabin fever Amazon.com became my music oracle. Now I can’t remember why the oracle said I should buy this but I did. It’s great. It’s all strange time signatures and arty-rock guitar and is reminds me of my love of mid-1990’s indie alt-rock.

Before I bought this all of the reviews said that this was a great example of “math rock”. Math Rock? I mean what the fuck is that supposed to mean. It would have to be the most stupidly named genre ever invented. So anyway I’m sitting here thinking about “math rock” and thinking to myself, “Hey this sounds a bit like Slint.” And like every rock nerd I really fucking like Slint and then I think well are Slint “math rock”? And then I think about Seam and think “hey Polvo kind of sound like Slint mixed with Seam. Are Seam “math rock.” Now this might seem like the most stupid post on what otherwise is a very stupid blog but this whole idea of “math rock” really fucking grates. So I look on amazon to see what year this record came out and I’m looking at the page for this record and fuck me if there isn’t some little comment about it being number eight of the most popular math rock records. Well la-dee-fucking-da I think to myself. So I look at the”math rock’ best sellers and Slint are there, Seam are there, Chavez are there, Rodan are there and the Heatmakerz. Who are the Heatmakerz you ask. I’ll reproduce a helpful amazon review as a hint: This album has officially dropped and is for real. The Rush is on point…razor sharp with the beats, with the rhymes whatever, ANY DJ! Worth a look, no joke…

The oracle is obviously on crack.

One Response to “Polvo – Exploded Drawing (Touch & Go) 1996”

  1. Math rock – give me a break, better yet give me a gun and I’ll bring the bullets! :math rck” is up there with ‘stonner rock’ and brit pop’ as piss poor attempts to give a band a label and in my very humble opinion any band that goes looking for a label needs to be put down. Woo must be some frustrated critic in here.
    I have listened to Polvo and have to say – doesn’t light up my life and nor did I hate it, which suggests so many things – to me anyway….

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