Swans – Cop/Young God, Greed/Holy Money (Thirsty Ear) 1999


I’ve noticed that I’ve been concentrating on records I really like. Here’s one I don’t. 

For your asistance here are some words to describe this record:

Main Entry:   flatulent
Part of Speech:   adjective
Definition:   pretentious
Synonyms:   bombastic, inflated, long-winded, oratorical, overblown, pompous, prolix, shallow, superficial, swollen, tedious, tumescent, tumid, turgid, windy, wordy
Antonyms:   timid
Source:   Roget’s New Millennium™ Thesaurus, First Edition (v 1.3.1)
Copyright © 2007 by Lexico Publishing Group, LLC. All rights reserved.

Here’s another:


–noun Slang: Vulgar.

1. a piece of excrement.
2. a mean, contemptible person.

And another:

1.  offering little or no hope; “the future looked black”; “prospects were bleak”; “Life in the Aran Islands has always been bleak and difficult”- J.M.Synge; “took a dim view of things” [syn: black
2.  providing no shelter or sustenance; “bare rocky hills”; “barren lands”; “the bleak treeless regions of the high Andes”; “the desolate surface of the moon”; “a stark landscape” [syn: bare
3.  unpleasantly cold and damp; “bleak winds of the North Atlantic” 

Bleak? I do bleak. I don’t do pompous overblown crap like this though.  The Swans produced some great albums (anyone want to sell me a copy of White Light from the Mouth of Infinity) and I suppose curiosity and Michael Gira’s involvement with Akron/Family got the better of me. This record is the first three Swans albums along with an EP. It charts their output from 1984-1986. I’ve tried to like it, I really have, but it’s time to call this what it is.  I know I’m not cool but this is a turgid, bleak turd of a record.

2 Responses to “Swans – Cop/Young God, Greed/Holy Money (Thirsty Ear) 1999”

  1. unbelievable…one of the greatest bands ever…

  2. Zachary Says:

    I always thought Cop was pretty monotonous. Young God is more interesting (and shorter, which also helps). Not sure about Greed/Holy Money.

    Do you have Filth/Body to Body, Job to Job? I don’t, but I do love the two Filth-era songs I have (on a compilation of live performances at the Kitchen).

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