Coil – Scatology (Force and Form) 1985


….. and Throbbing Gristle begat Psychic TV and Psychic TV begat Coil. And Coil doth said,”and we will make a record which is industrial with some quiet bits yet with noise.” And Dave did read the reviews and said unto himself, “I should buy that.” Dave didst purchase the record with a bum shewn upon its cover. And Dave didst listen to the record and said unto himself’ “Fuck this hasn’t aged well.” and he was right. It hast not aged well. In fact one shall say that it is the shite. And not in a comely way. And then Dave remindest himself, “thoust does not even like industrial music.” And Yea it was true. Dave didst find industrial music boring and pretentious. Much like this post really.

I’m sure this was good in 1984 but lordy I haven’t cringed my way through a record in years. There’s a kind of interesting slowed down version of Tainted Love at the end, but by the time you’ve got to that interest should have well and truly been lost.

One Response to “Coil – Scatology (Force and Form) 1985”

  1. ah ah šŸ™‚ knowing you a bit from your reviews, you HAVE to try “Constant Shallowness leads to Evil” : Tunnel of Goats is their really foray into noisy territory…

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