The Faint – Danse Macabre (City Slang) 2003

I realised that I still have four Dead C records to post on but I’m sick, I have a headache and I just need to have a Dead C break for a week or so. So for something completely different I thought I’d post on one of my guilty pleasure records. These records are never cool or hip but fuck it I love them and I don’t care.

I am a child of the eighties. The first seven inch single I ever bought was Herbie Hancock’s Rockit, the second was Duran Duran’s Reflex. I grew up in a town that had two television stations and during the 1980’s one FM station. The chances of hearing anything remotely alternative or different just never happened.

I think the reason I like the Faint so much is some deep seated hankering for nostalgia that I have. As Doc would say, nostalgia is never a good thing, and to a certain extent he’s right. For instance I couldn’t bring myself to see the Pixies when they reformed because it was never going to be as good and the potential for sour tastes was high. The Saints recently reformed and I just couldn’t bring myself to do it. I saw New Order when they reformed and hey they did Love Vigilante’s so I was pretty happy but at the end of the day it was three old blokes being old playing tunes with the same old cringe inducing lyrics. Rock music is for the young. The Faint allow me to wallow in nostalgia without feeling guilty.
This record is basically gothic, death disco or to be crude Duran Duran crossed with Interpol with a sprinkling of Depeche Mode. They unapologetically mine the eighties and out of the big pile of bands that were doing this a couple of years ago, I think the Faint did it the best. Viva la synth rock!

One Response to “The Faint – Danse Macabre (City Slang) 2003”

  1. Nostalgia is never a good thing in my very humble opinion. This business of bands reforming & playing their old stuff with little or no attempt to create something new (VU, Sex Pistols, Pixies et al) I am against it. I didn’t see most of them at the time & could have including the VU of whom I have almost every burp & fart they ever did. Yes I could seen those European shows but I wan’t the Dom in 66 or Max’s in 70 so no I didn’t go to pretend some memories. I didn’t see the Saints at Club 76 so I wasn’t go to see a performance of the 1st lp 30 years later. If the artists want to do something for want reason that’s their call but I will not be supporting it or endorsing it. Until time travel is invented I have no probs with enjoying music from the past be it Bach, F Sinatra, E Presley, VU, Black Flag, et al but don’t serve it & pretend I can participate… no I don’t go to school reunions either!.

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