Yellow Swans – At All Ends (Load) 2007


Anyone who has been reading this blog knows I have a thing for the Yellow Swans. I started with Live During War Crimes 2 or it might have been Global Cone. I can’t remember but I do remember how fucking fantastic I thought those records were. Since then I’ve come to own Psychic Secession, Live at Camp Blood (with Cherry Point), the BCM collaboration, Dreamed Yellow Swans and Live During War Crimes 1. They’re all very fine records and if I was trying to get a mate onto this band I’d send them a copy of Psychic Secession or perhaps Global Cone if I could track a copy down.

Anyway this here is the new Yellow Swans record, those nice people at Missing Link sent it to me this morning and I’ve listened to it pretty solidly since then. It’s a great record and anyone who knows their Yellow Swans is not going to be disappointed. You pretty much know what your going to get with a Yellow Swans record. Droning looped noise, static, hiss, and fizz and that strange distant church bells on speed effect that they do so well. In other words: transcendence through noise. But with every new release they expand on the theme and At All Ends is another fine example. On most of their records GMS is listed as the guitar player but this is certainly heavier in guitars than anything I’ve heard of their’s before. There are great slabs of guitar on this record and call me lead-eared but there is this haunting guitar tune at the end of the title track which sounds remarkably like a bastardised version of Auld Lang Syne. It’s lovely (and I thought I’d never use that word for this band!) and you’d have to be impressed that a record with noise as harsh as this can achieve something so … oh fuck it ….. beautiful.

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