Birchville Cat Motel – Bird Sister Blasphemy (C Psi P) 2007


Out of all of the posts on this blog the most popular is Birchville Cat Motel’s Birds Call Home Their Dead. In fact the majority of visitors to this blog are either looking for posts about Birchville Cat Motel, Yellow Swans or the Dead C. The trouble with BCM is the speed at which new releases are issued. I’m not complaining. Everything he released in 2007 is in my opinion fucking essential. But some of the releases are tricky things to come by and sometimes of such limited number that if you intend to try to hear everything he does you’ve got some work cut out for you.

Luckily one of the most readily available BCM records is Bird Sister Blasphemy.  From what I can work out this record is the darker companion to Birds Call Home Their Dead. I thought I’d read somewhere that this was release on Campbell Kneale’s “black metal” Battlecruiser imprint. Well my copy is C Psi P if these things mean anything to you This certainly could have come out on Battlecruiser though. It’s dark as in black metal rather than some neo-gothic nonsense. It’s a rock pig’s, psychedelic metal fantasy shot through a prism of drone. When I got this last year I chucked it in my car’s CD player  straight away and the interior of my car literally throbbed. It makes me grin and playing this is almost a guilty pleasure. I love each and everyone of my Birchville Cat Motel records and this is no different. In fact this is occupying so much of my time I have Seventh Ruined Hex still wrapped and sitting next to my computer. This  had little of the pastoral repetitive beauty of Birds Call Home Their Dead but it does prove that Mr Kneale always has fresh ideas and some of those fresh ideas rock hard!

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