Merzbow – Amlux (Important) 2002


When I stated in a previous post that all I’m listening to is Merzbow, I was not kidding (OK except for that new Earth album). I’ve turned into an obsessive bastard. I recently bought the split CD with Bastard Noise, Aqua Necromancer (see below)  Doors Open at 8pm, Collapse 12 Floors, Animal Magnetism, Merzbeat, Minzano Vol.1, Pulse Demon, Coma Bernices, Merzbudda and this.  That’s eleven Merzbow records in two weeks. I’m just glad my partner doesn’t read this blog because I am in big fucking trouble if she does. despite the imminent danger I face, I feel like I’m just scratching the surface.

Amlux is supposed to be his first purely digital recording and there is a tremendous Autechre/industrial feel to the four tracks. Merzbow analougue enthusiasts will hate it but for me it has to be up there with Merzzow and 1930 for sheer pleasure. There is just so much going on here. Mr akita even allows for some pretty solid beats before smashing them to pieces with blasts of extreme noise. The first track is just tremendous. If you ever want to find out what a plague of cockroaches would sound like if they were marching in your ear canal then I highly recommend the first two minutes. This is accessible as anything I’ve heard of his and is yet (and I know I’m repeating myself) another example of how thrilling this noise stuff is.

As an aside I’ve also recently shelled out for Paul Hegarty’s book Noise/Music A History. There is a chapter on Merzbow which is the whole reason I bought it. He makes a really good point while quoting the Wire’s Edwin Pouncey, “the fact is to understand, enjoy  and eventually reach noise nirvana through Masami Akits’s work you have to listen to a hell of a lot of it.” Unfortunately for my bank account I’m finding that statement very true.

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