Merzbow – Merzbuddha (Important) 2005


I tell you what this Merzbow fellow is very clever indeed. I now have 13 of his records and each one is very different from the next. A case in point is Merzbuddha. Apparently Mr Akita was listening to a lot of dub before he went into the studio to produce the third of the “Merz” series. Horace Andy; all of that type of thing. But in classic Merzbow style I just don’t hear that at all. Sure there is a beat and some wonderful trance-like repetition which is kind of what you could expect when you title each of the three (very long) tracks Mantra. Merzbuddha is about as dub as Coldplay but, you know, way better. As I’ve opined before, my experience with noise is always going to be different to yours but I think Merzbuddha has a really industrial feel to it. Think Nitzer Ebb crossed with Yellow Swans and your only really half way there. The whole thing is an absolute gem. I’ll be honest I just can’t get enough of this stuff at the moment.

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