Holy Fuck – LP (Young Turks) 2007

Many moons ago a mate introduced me to unrelenting rock-electronic of Trans Am. Like Kraftwerk for rock pigs, Trans Am were a particular favourite of mine for many years. Future World still works for me and every now and then gets a spin. Then of course they release an album called Ta which has to be one of the most pathetic follow-ups in recent history. Talk about disappointing. The same thing goes for !!!, so much promise yet so up themselves, once you tore back the hipster nonsense there was little substance left. These two examples have left me wary of all of this punk-funk electronic stuff. That is until the sheer unadulterated pleasure of Holy Fuck. This record works for me in so many ways it’s embarrassing. Bits of it remind me of !!! (but good), the Kraftwerk influence is in there (but not boring) and the whole thing made me nostalgic for Trans Am when they had a clue and were producing those great, early records. The Wire review of LP was pretty disparaging. They’re wrong. You know music is allowed to be fun sometimes.


Super Inuit (Live)

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