Daniel Menche – Glass Forest (Important) 2008

I’ll be honest, I never thought I’d become a label whore again but Important are the most appropriately named record label out there. Not since the heydays of Blast First has a label released so many amazing records. The latest addition to this club is Daniel Menche’s Glass Forest. The album itself is comprised of three long pieces all named oddly enough Glass Forest. It is some of the most pure, transcedent drone I’ve ever heard. It’s both subtle and captivating, yet contains the odd shock here and there. In some ways it charts a similar course to some of Birchville Cat Motel’s blissed out drone epics. The difference with Glass Forest compared to say Seventh Ruined Hex, is that Menche actually goes somewhere with his noise. Its continually evolving and progressing, layers of field recordings are manipulated and layered on top. Occasionally a pulse finds its way into the mix. At other instances a more sinister beat takes control of proceedings. Static and hiss give way to tweaked frequencies before rejoining again. At time its like a long march through drone and noise with the odd attack and retreat thrown in for good measure. It’s noise penetrated by shards of light. The good thing is that this is now in my list of favourite noise records of all time. The bad thing is, my bank balance is going to suffer as I try to track down more of his past output. Very exciting stuff indeed. If you have a passing interest in drone or noise art for that matter, this may well be worth tracking down.

Here is a video I found on youtube. I think the CD is far better but it give s a taste of the drone.

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