Vladislav Delay – Multila (Huume) 2007

Multila was originally released on Chain Reaction in 2001before being rereleased on Mr Delay’s own Huume imprint last year. One of my more recent tangents in experimental music is this whole genre of minimalist dub/ambient electronica that is being produced out of Germany. My local chain record store recently had a sale and got rid of things like Pole, Mouse on Mars, Ricardo Villalobos and Vladislav Delay for peanuts. I of course bought as much as I could hide from my ever suffering partner. The only way I knew that this stuff even existed was through a very good interview with Mr Delay himself, Sasu Ripatti, in The Wire a couple of months ago.

I’ve always been a bit partial to a bit of interesting electronica and artists like those listed above seem to take the whole concept in a very minimal, chilled direction. For a blog that focuses on the more noisy aspects of rock and, fuck it, noise, it may appear odd that minimalist dub is being posted on here. I suppose to use a very stupid analogy if Earth are Black Sabbath with only the good bits left then Vladislav Delay distills techno and dub to only the bare necessities. It’s all minimal beats, glitches, clicks and tones. It’s not immediately accessible but as I listen to it again and again Multila just lodges in my brain. I’m skeptical about how where an artist that produces this sort of thing goes to next but after listening to nothing but Pole and Vladislav Delay for the past week I might take the plunge again to find out. If your intersted in avant garde music then then I recommend you check this out. It’s not bad at all.

As an aside if you are a parent of a toddler who fights sleep, invest in a copy of Fabric 36 by Ricardo Villalobos. It knocks my son out in three minutes flat.

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