Husker Du – Flip Your Wig (SST) 1985

When you think that Husker Du produced three of rocks best albums in less than a year, and one of those records was a double, you realise just how full on the work ethic of the SST bands was. Those three records, Zen Arcade, New Day Rising and Flip Your Wig, take up three places in my Top five punk records of the 1980’s. Every rock geek has their particular favourite and I’m no different. Flip Your Wig was their last record for SST before unleashing the less than satisfying Candy Apple Grey on Warners. I think Flip Your Wig is the best out of the three for the simple reasons that the production is better and they finally gave in to their pop instincts are wrote some of the strongest songs of their career. On Flip Your Wig, Grant Hart doesn’t sound like he’s playing the drums with knitting needles and the tinniness of the production on their previous output has been replaced with some real grunt. Bob Mould’s voice still sounds like the best voice in rock and when it kicks into gear on the unashamedly pop “Makes No Sense at All” you realise that you’d be hardpressed to find a better example of mid 1980’s punk. This record is the shit but just go and buy all three anyway.

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