Yellow Swans – Deterioration (Modern Radio) 2008



In a couple of days time The Yellow Swans will be no more. Deterioration will not be their last record (there should be an “official” release in 2009) but if it had been then good lord what a way to go out. I had no idea that this had even been released and it was only by accident that I found it last week. This record is nearly a perfect distillation of how good the  Yellow Swans can be. In fact, I like this better than At All Ends (and boy did I love that record). It’s a thrilling ride through drone, noise and experimental rock. In fact it is an important reminder of just how vital avant garde, experimental music can be.  As I was listening to Deterioration again today it struck me how it sounds like a noise version of the  aural dynamics pioneered by God Speed You Black Emperor.  I can’t recommend this highly enough. 

The thing I find sad about this release is that it is clear from Deterioration that Yellow Swans were only getting better and better and I wonder just how far they could have gone. I have no idea whether this is in wide release and I urge you to track it down. This is the  first truly great record of 2008 (and it only took until June!)

One Response to “Yellow Swans – Deterioration (Modern Radio) 2008”

  1. Great review – I will be interested to see what comes next from the different paths they take. Its a real shame.

    I wonder if you would be interesting in taking part in this side project of mind

    Its about making random mix cd’s and dropping them in public places for people to find. I am limited by geography and would love to get other people involved. Are you keen?

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