Woods Family Creeps – Woods Family Creeps (Time Lag) 2008

I was pretty excited when I came across this in Missing Links new releases pages. As anyone who reads this blog regularly knows I hate hippies. Always have. I make an exception for this mob though. Woods Family Creeps are basically Brooklyn’s Woods with an extra member. Not that you’d know there was an extra member on this, Wood Family Creeps sounds just as charmingly no-fi and minimalist as previous Woods releases. I’ve always had a thing for their lo-fi sweetly, weird love songs. For the most part  Wood Family Creeps certainly don’t fuck with the  formula exhibited by Woods on At Rear House and How to Survive  In the Woods but their is a more melancholy edge to the whole  thing. There are moments of experimental weirdness (especially the fourth track Family) that stick out a bit on an  album that is chock full of what are in essence pretty straight forward pop songs done by freak folk troubadours. 

I love their sound. Can’t get enough. Try to track it down if you love Woods as much as I do.

The first track, End to End

2 Responses to “Woods Family Creeps – Woods Family Creeps (Time Lag) 2008”

  1. You’ve forgotten, Action Adventure Systems
    Circa 1997-2007
    Greatest NYC drug fueled Noise rock ever

    Played with lubricated goat, jon spencer blues explosion, crunt, unsane, elvis 77 Lotsa others
    Insanity brought us down

  2. Cristovao Says:

    I found this album a few moths ago.. I’ve been listening to it almost everyday since!

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