Dan Friel – Ghost Town (Important) 2008

This just goes to prove the obvious that the Important label is releasing some of the best stuff going around right now. Dan Friel is a member of Parts and Labor a band that quite frankly I’ve never heard of, although I like the fact that he is referred to as musician/electrician. It’s a pretty apt description when you consider what Friel does. This is pop music for noise freaks. Like Fuck Buttons but embracing light and joy rather than something more sinister, Friel is producing the  kind of songs that I’m really enjoying right now, a modern and avant garde approach to electro pop. The other thing Friel gets is that sometimes truncating your idea into a pop song  format (around three minutes) is a a novel and at times welcome relief in a genre which seems to equate the  value of it’s art with the length of their tracks. This album all up is no more than 24 minutes but it may be the best and most fun 24 minutes you will spend listening to music this year. Check it out if you like Holy Fuck or more importantly Fuck Buttons. Awesome.

Here is Dan doing his thing live a a house party in Brooklyn. The track he’s playing is on Ghost Town.

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