Rameses III – Basilica (Important) 2008

Yeah yeah yeah, I know, another release from Important. Yes I am a label whore. I think we may have already established that. Rameses III excel at some of the most beautiful, moving experimental (oh how fucking corny am I going to get ) dreamscapes  (I hate myself) I’ve heard this year. This is a two disc release of ambient drone, which for lovers of Birchville Cat Motel in his less rock inclined mode, Astral Social Club and Vibracathedral Orchestra is this years essenitial release. The first disc are remixes of Rameses III tracks done by amongst others, Neil Campbell. All the tracks are tremendous and if you’re into this type of thing this is going to blow your socks off. The second disc consists of five live tracks all called Origins. It’s pretty special and although it at times (Origins 1 for instance) approaches new age it manages to pulls itself back from being played in crystal shops the  world over through the absence of whale song. At times some of the stuff on the second disc reminded me of Earth’s recent efforts if they had completely abandoned their bleakness and embraced shimmering transcendence. Good stuff indeed.

Live at Kilburn

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