Liquid Liquid – Slip In and Out of Phenomenon (Domino) 2008

There hae been some cracking compilations released in teh last couple of years.  Chrome’s Anthology, Orange Juice’s The Glasgow School, Josef K’s Entemology, ESG’s a South Bronx Story, were all crackers. Add to this list this awesome compilation of the seminal New York post-punk band Liquid Liquid. Over there very short life they released three EP’s. All three are contained on this record along with some bonus unreleased tracks and a handful of live tracks. It’s a pretty complete document with a great essay from a Liquid Liquid tragic. I am an absolute sucker for this early 1980’s sound of punk and funk smashed together to create something entirely new. In terms of their recorded output, Liquid Liquid may be most famous for their song Cavern. Although you may never have heard that track in its original form, you’ll certainly remember it as the bass line of Grandmaster Flash’s White Lines (or the loathsome Duran Duran cover if you must). It’s difficult to deny the Cavern’s strength, there is plenty more on here to wallow in including the tremendous Optimo.

If you have any love of Pigbag, A Certain Ration, ESG or The Pop Group this album certainly needs to be on your list of must haves. The booklet is so good that you’d be a sucker to download it. 


3 Responses to “Liquid Liquid – Slip In and Out of Phenomenon (Domino) 2008”

  1. Did you ever read the book “The Secret History of Rock”? It came out about 10 years ago. That’s where I first heard of both ESG and Liquid Liquid. ESG were impossible to find then until the Soul Jazz reissue, but there was a 90’s reissue of Liquid Liquid that I managed to get hold of second hand after it had gone out of print. Same studio stuff as the new one but different live material I think.
    There was lots more in that book (e.g. DNA, Neu!, Young Marble Giants, Swell Maps) that was hard to find then but has since been reissued.
    One of the few I was interested in that I haven’t got hold of is Chrome. I hadn’t heard of the anthology. I’ve always looked for Alien Soundtracks which is recommended as their best.

  2. noisenoisenoise Says:

    Hey Stu

    Never read the book but I may just track it down. I’ve been warned by people who know about these things to only go near the first couple of Chrome records. Ryko released a twin Cd compilation of Alien Sound Tracks and Half Machine Lips Move a couple of years ago which is sadly out of print. I bought Half Machine last year and It’s pretty amazing. It’s like a no-wave verions of the Stooges. Incredible. The Anthology is out on Cleopatra and is an easy find on ebay. If you’re in Australia I think Missing Link may have one in stock and have one for $17.00.


  3. Hi Dave, thanks for the tip on Chrome.

    It’s probably not worth going to too much trouble finding that book now, while I do really like it, it’s not as worthwhile now as when it came out. Part of that is because so much of the music covered that was quite obscure then is much better known now thanks to info on all sorts of music being easily available on the internet, and lots of it being reissued and now being easy to find. Also a rather large number of the bands covered have had reunions in the last 10 years (Stooges, Wire, Gang of Four, Mission of Burma, Slint, Suicide, Throbbing Gristle …)
    Secondly, it is largely based around interviews with what were contemporary artists (in the mid-late 90’s), this aspect dates it somewhat in that some of those artists could probably appear as subjects in a similar book today.
    So while it was a great book to get at the time, and had a huge influence on my music tastes, it would be of less interest to someone now, especially as you would appear to be already familiar with lots of the music covered.
    If you were to come across it I’m sure you’d find it interesting, but I wouldn’t go to any great trouble.

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