Nurse With Wound – Livin’ Fear of James Last (Castle) 2005

The kid and I went down to the local chain record store today ostensibly to get a copy of Kimya Dawson’s Alphabutt. I’d driven a  fair way and I thought that I’d have a quick flick through their alternative section and look what I found. This  2 CD, 19 track, 2005 compilation (or as Mr Stapleton has put it, a Nurse with Wound Variety pack) came out on Sanctuary’s Castle label. Castle is an odd kettle of fish. Most of their output is pretty stock standard oldies but every now and then they produce a cracker that is up there with Rhino for getting the whole sub-genre of artist compilations dead right. The Fall compilation Psychik Dancehall was an absolute cracker and they’ve carried on the great tradition with Livin’ Fear of James Last. This compilation was put together by Mr Stapleton himself and it barely scratches the surface. There’s one track from the sadly out of print Chance Meeting on a Dissecting Table, one from Gyllenskold, two tracks from Second Pirate Session, two from An Awkward Pause, Yagga Blues from Who Can I Turn To Stereo and various other tracks from albums I’ve never heard of. There is nothing  on this from Homotopy for Marie (the first Stapleton solo Nurse With Wound record) nor A Sucked Orange. I have no  idea whether that is a good thing or not given that I’ve never hard either record but both seem to get the saliva flowing of  the Nurse With Wound fan set.  Is this compilation representative of Nurse with Wound’s back catalogue. How the fuck would I know? What it does achieve is a smattering of tracks that reference the many  very different musical styles of the band  including some that, if I hadn’t bought this compilation, I would never have heard. Yet this compilation is now also out of print. I mean for fuck’s sake I know that there is an extensive reissue program going on at the moment (Rock n’ Roll Station just got reissued) but there is obviously a market for this stuff and as a Nurse with Wound primer it definitely deserves a re-release.

4 Responses to “Nurse With Wound – Livin’ Fear of James Last (Castle) 2005”

  1. I always cringe at any store with an “alternative” section, but they do often have cool stuff. (I remember many years ago venturing into the Virgin Megastore in Sydney and finding the Swans live album “Body to Body, Job to Job” which was rather hard to find at the time).
    I think that Homotopy to Marie must have been reissued recently because I found a copy in my local independent record store (Big Star in Adelaide) after not having seen it ever before. I haven’t actually listened to it much though. I think I considered getting this compilation at one point but bought something else instead – I didn’t expect it to go out of print so fast!
    I love the title since I grew up hearing a lot of James Last as my dad is a big fan.
    I believe a Current 93 compilation was released at the same time, haven’t heard it though.
    One more thing – the best thing Castle records did was the 6cd box of The Fall’s Complete Peel Sessions. It was only about $75 as well.

  2. noisenoisenoise Says:

    What do you think of the Swans? I’ve always thought they were a band I was supposed to like but I came to the conclusion that Gira is a no talent wanker. I bought Current 93’s Black Ships Ate The Sky which is a treat for all the different versions of Imudea – a medieval song – (Marc Almond, Baby Dee, Antony, Will Oldham etc). The stuff that Tibet does between the various versions of Imudea aren’t that interesting. Nurse with wound on the other hand are fucking out there. Something which should always be encouraged.

  3. I like the Swans, especially their very last releases “Soundtracks for the Blind” and “Swans are Dead”. I think they were at their best then, earlier stuff can be a bit hit & miss depending on what you’re into. I like Gira’s post Swans stuff too, The Angels of Light, and the shortlived Bodylovers. Anyway, if you haven’t heard Soundtracks for the Blind then you should give it a go if possible.
    That Current 93 album is the only one I’ve got, the different versions with all the guests are what stand out for me as well.
    I should listen to more Nurse with Wound.

  4. angels of light are sort of over rated, i like their song “lenas song” a lot, but too much of it makes sense, i’d much rather listen to sun city girls (but who wouldnt???)

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