The Necks – Townsville (Fish of Milk) 2007

This post was originally going to be a diatribe against the buttfuck of a town I grew up in, namely the aforementioned Townsville the largest city in North Queensland. Townsville is famous for very little other than the odd racist incident. In fact it would be very easy to kick the  shit out of he city of my childhood except I have a lot of friends still there and secretly I’m a bit chuffed that a band as fucking awesome as the Necks performed a 45 minute improv piece in a local Townsville arts centre and then had the audacity to release it to the world. Townsville has always had a vibrant arts scene and I remember when I lived there the mere whisper of something other than amateur theatre productions was greeted with enthusiasm. But still I wonder just what the audience made of the Necks. In Australia they are probably best know for their soundtrack work on the incredibly bleak independent film  The Boys (starring a young David Wenham from 300 and Lord of the Rings). In fact that is the only other time I’ve heard The Necks and it’s always a delightful treat to hear something that is so great that I want to buy everything they’ve ever recorded.   The piece itself is a stunning drifting dreamy piece of improv. Although the Necks are commonly known as a jazz band, that description is redundant and if you need any prove listen to this. It’s a drone inspired, gentle avant something whisper of a track . A breeze stirring leaves, that sort of thing. Everytime I play this I love it more and more. The best band in Australia right now without a doubt.

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