MoHa! – Return to Candyland (Rune Grammofon) 2008

I’m fast becoming a Rune Grammofon junkie. Th equality and consistency of the label is amazing. I’ve got a stack of new Rune Grammofon releases to post on but I thought I’d better start with the most recent, MoHa’s Return to Candyland

Despite the dodgy title, Return To Candyland proves that MoHa! are one of the best things going around on the noise-rock scene at the moment. For those of you who stepped up for Norwegianism I’m glad to say that MoHa! decided not to stand still and have developed their avant-rock, freeform, drumming fuckfest into something a bit more tangible. The spazziness which made Norwegianism so much fun is still in abundance but where Norwegianism was chock full of one-idea, noise rock vingettes, Return To Candyland expands on their sound  to incorporate repetition, form and allow space and time to explore their ideas more fully. It’s certainly an easier listen than Norwegianism but it in no way disappoints. One of the few bands I’d pay money to see live. Excellent stuff.

Here’s a live clip from 2008

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