Crime – San Francisco’s Still Doomed (Swami) 2004


Why haven’t you bought this yet? I mean seriously this one is a no brainer. Crime were, in my opinion,  the best example of west coast seventies punk hands down. Just how punk were they? Well they had names like Johnnie Strike, Frankie Fix and Ron the Ripper. They never released a proper album just a couple of singles and an unreleased studio session and most importantly they played in police uniform for the inmates of San Quentin prison. Crime are now best known for having their seminal Hotwire My Heart covered by Sonic Youth on their awesome Sister record. They deserve greater recognition than that. San Francisco’s Still Doomed contains everything they ever recorded including the alternate takes of the two singles that, due to legal problems, couldn’t be included on the earlier compilation San Farncisco’s Doomed from the early 1990’s. The track Gangster Funk is also missing but having never heard it I’m not sure just how important that track is. The definitive original  version of Hotwire My Heart has still not been released but the alternate take included on this record is still mighty fine. The best punk band that should have made it and never did. 

3 Responses to “Crime – San Francisco’s Still Doomed (Swami) 2004”

  1. gangster funk is my favorite crime track

  2. Thanks for posting these vids…my favorite punk band, ever.

  3. Jack Slack Says:

    Gangster Funk: kinda like a more polished James Chance, sans-sax.

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