KTL – KTL (Editions MEGO) 2006

Kindertotenleider (Songs on the Death of Children) was a song cycle for orchestra and voice based on the  poems of Ruckert. Ruckert wrote his poems in the early 19th century after two of his children died within 16 days of each other. KTL (an abbreviation) is the band put together by Stephen O’Malley of Sunn O))) and Peter Rehberg aka Pita the experimental electronic musician. As cheery as that premise is, KTL might have created the benchmark in ambient black metal. Spooky, relentless, foreboding and mesmerising all at once, O’Malley’s guitar is the sound that anchors the work whilst Rehberg’s electronic manipulations are sometime front and centre and at other times barely perceptible. The overwhelming impression is one of misery and if you remember that end scene at the end of the Blair Witch Project  where that guy is facing the wall in that basement and not responding to his friend’s calls, if that scene had needed a score then  KTL would have been perfect. 

While we all wait for another release from SunnO))), The three KTL records (and a fourth to be released in the new year) are excellent ways of establishing some Christmas ambiance for your family this season. 

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