Burning Star Core – Challenger (Hospital) 2008


Somebody last week emailed me and asked me what my favourite record of 2008 was. This is it. Burning Star Core’s Challenger. A simply extraordinary record that I haven’t until now posted on because I can not do it justice. C Spencer Yeh has  fast become one of my favourite artists. If you have any interest in finding out why, buy this record before it goes out of print. In fact if you are a regular visitor to this blog and like the stuff I post on I’m telling you, you need to buy this. It’s drone, it’s noise, it’s ambient but it’s not, it’s modern composition, it’s fucking amazing.

2 Responses to “Burning Star Core – Challenger (Hospital) 2008”

  1. This is a great album. The only thing I can add, or maybe temper yer review with, is that i think the album’s first track is just okay. it doesn’t draw me in that well. the last 2 or 3 tracks are really what do me in. they are over-the-top good. i don’t think this is one of the top albums of all time. i just think it’s a great album because it sounds both composed and improvised, has a variety of sound and styles, and creates a strong emotional reaction.

    now if only he’d improve the packaging. i’m tired of his and prurient’s (and a mess of other dudes’) boring packaging with random photos or stuff. who cares for that? there’s much better album art to be found on myspace.

  2. […] blown me away. Not just me, this is well up, if not at the top, of many end of year lists. I think this post on the noisenoisenoise blog sums it up pretty well – It’s drone, it’s noise, it’s ambient […]

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