Carlos Giffoni – Adult Life (No Fun) 2008


This record made by 2008 “Best of” list for very good reason. I think that Giffoni is making some of the best noise going around at the moment. He appears not to be beholden to the harshness and extremity of many of his noise brethren and instead allows his ideas and sound to evolve. He doesn’t pack each track with a hundred ideas but allows his tracks to breath and engage. It is compelling stuff and although I have a few isuses with Track 4, I still think that Giffoni really gets this noise genre and may even give some regard to his listener before committing it to tape. I’d even hazard an opinion that this is even better than Arrogance and if your a reader of this blog you know just how much I loved that record. Just before Xmas I managed to get a copy of his record Welcome Home (I’ll post on that one later) his solo release on Important. What struck me about that record is that there has been an obvious  evolution from being just another a follower of Merzbow’s power electronics to something much more sublime. Some credit should  also be given to him for his label No Fun. He’s released some of my favourite records of the last two years including the horribly awesome  Certainty of Swarms by Hair Police. As an aside to the reader who found this blog by typing in “Carlos Giffoni sucks” I hate to break it to you but as far as his noise goes, he really doesn’t.  

Live at No Fun Fest 2008

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