Group Inerane – Guitars from Agadez (Sublime Frequencies) 2008


This made it into the wire Top 50 for 2008.  I’d seen the clips on Youtube before and I was pretty taken with the music. Tuareg guitar music from Niger is a recent development and started in the refugee camps that the Tuareg established in Libya during the 1980’s. The music was developed so that political messages could pass from one camp to the next. I’m oblivious to the goings on in Niger during this time and I’d love to know exactly what they are singing about. It’s time I started expanding my horizons. It’s not the usual thing that appears on this blog but I really like it. Tell me what you think.

Ano Nagarus

One Response to “Group Inerane – Guitars from Agadez (Sublime Frequencies) 2008”

  1. Yeah yeah yeah, thanks for the post. I think people into noise or experimental music definitely dig on traditional music, “ethnic music,” field recordings and the like. And in fact, it often has an influence on noise musicians. In the case of Sublime Frequencies, there is the obvious connection to Sun City Girls. More examples of a hybrid/interaction between the two include Rotting Nepal or Radio Nepal 1, 2, 3 by Aaron Dilloway. Keep up the reviews!

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