Merzbow – Merzbird (Important) 2005


Somehow I’ve found my way back into the world of Merzbow. I was in the ‘burbs the other day at one of those chain record stores and stumbled across this for $4.00 (and incidentally a copy of The Necks Mosquito for $9.00). Now I have no idea why I hadn’t bought this earlier. Maybe it was the lack of reviews but for whatever reason I was mighty happy I found it. My initial impression is that, by and large, it may be the one of the most  accessible Merzbow record I’ve heard since Merzbeat. This is Merzbow at the height of his analogue powers. There are lots and lots of recognisable forms in these tracks. From the  big beat of the first track, to the almost Nurse with Wound ambiance of the second this is Merzbow having fun, an aspect that was sadly lacking from most of his output in 2008 and to be honest a until I heard this, an aspect I’d completely forgotten that Merzbow can display on his best work. The third returns to an almost electronica. Even on the seemingly relentless forth track  it is easy to recognise the techno foundations (think Atari Teenage Riot). The fifth track displays industrial forms and fuck me if the “funky frummer: (yes that drum beat!) makes an appearance on the  final track. This is great stuff for the Merzbow beginner and it is still in print!

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