Death In June – All Pigs Must Die (Leprosy Discs) 2001


I have a mild interest in the avant garde British bands that centre around Current 93 and Nurse with Wound. Antony, Baby Dee and Ben Chasny from Six Organs of Admittance are all collaborators with David Tibet an this is how Death in June turned up on my radar. When I mentioned their name to my mate Doc the only words he could utter were “no” and “Fascists”. A bit of research confirmed his misgivings and he is right, there is something really dodgy about Death In June. But this is a band that opened for The Birthday Party. Check out there wikipedia entry to get the  full run down.

Despite my misgivings I now own four Death in June records. I’m not sure exactly how that happened but I started having a strange fascination with their live stuff on youtube and my local indie record store has  pretty massive collection of their stuff. All Pigs Must Die is is chock full of new, weird British folk music with vaguely fascist overtones and a little gothic intent. If you like the video I’ve included in this post then odds on you are going to like this.  At least for the first sic tracks. after that the record becomes much more strange. Peppered with experimental  sound, squealing pigs, ominous atmospherics and other odd crap you’d expect from a man that hangs around Tibet and Stapleton. Essentially All Pigs Must Die is a suite of music. Songs that kick the record off are reinterpreted in later tracks  which sometimes work and sometimes don’t. I still haven’t fully made a decision on this but for the most part, if you can set the fascist stuff to one side, it’s not bad at all.

4 Responses to “Death In June – All Pigs Must Die (Leprosy Discs) 2001”

  1. Ah, putting the old “are they fascists or is it art” chestnut to one side, one “interpretation” of the title track is that it is a swipe at Tibet over a well documented legal case. “7 & 7 – Sieg Heil – sublime!” David Tibet’s use of the moniker ‘Christ 777’ on DIJ releases? “They’re better off with the son of God” his conversion to Christianity? “This ain’t August ’69” Charles Manson?

  2. Laibach are better nazis!


    “I’ve an interest in all aspects of the Third Reich. It has had such a huge influence on the world, who could fail to be intrigued by it? However, I’ve still read more pages of Das Kapital than Mein Kampf!”[13]

    Pearce, who is openly homosexual, has collaborated with various ethnic Jews throughout his music career. The official Death in June website site featured the flag of Israel, and Death in June played a concert in Israel on June 18, 2004 for a predominantly Jewish audience.”

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