Fabulous Diamonds – Seven Songs (Nervous Jerk) 2008


I bought this last year, listened to it once and promptly discarded it. I first tracked this down after Dave Lang (Lexicon Devil) said good things about the band on his blog. After that one listen I just didn’t get it. Fast forward to 2009 and I start noticing  that this is turning up on a whole  stack of end of year “Best Of” lists. Initially I resisted gong back and giving it another go. I just assumed they all got it wrong like those critics who like LCD Soundsystem In the last couple of days I’ve been listening to it a fair it and I’m embarrassed to say that my initial reaction to it was way off. I remember having the same reaction to the second Liars album. The only album I’ve sold on ebay only to re-buy it a couple of months when I realised I’d been a bit hasty.

This  is freaking great. A two piece from Melbourne, Seven Songs is there debut Cd which has since promptly been released by the magnificent Siltbreeze in the US.  It takes a very brave band to combine, drone, psychedelia, global, post-punk, avant rock, experimentalism and jazz (gotta love that sax!). A very brave band indeed. This is a much more complex offering than the  last couple fo Religious Knives records but if you like that band there is a hell of a lot to like here. One of the few bands I’d line up to see live. (And yes that really is his back hair).

Here are a couple of live shows.


One Response to “Fabulous Diamonds – Seven Songs (Nervous Jerk) 2008”

  1. They’re kind of strange. Honestly, I don’t like them.

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