Merzbow – Yurikamome: 13 Japanese Birds Pt.3 (Important) 2009


Another month another Merzbow record. This 13 Japanese Birds series is turning out just great. Despite the  common theme of percussive elements (bonzo free drumming),  I don’t think he has repeated himself yet. The first track on Pt.3 is an absolute fucking monster. Well over half an hour of electronic fuckery overlayed with mad drumming but on this one the drums are much looser. In fact I’d go as far to say he seems really  relaxed. The only thing wrong with it is it’s too long and if he wants to make tracks this long he needs to add a bit more interest (see 1930). The last two tracks are crackers. The second has an industrial loop that had me thinking of a track on Double Leopard’s Hole is True record. The final track may be the most un-Merzbow thing I’ve heard him do. In another universe it might just be a normal rock song considering the electronic scree is replaced with a decidedly rock fuzz. I think I still like Pt.2 a bit better. It’s a line ball decision but that’s just my taste.

One Response to “Merzbow – Yurikamome: 13 Japanese Birds Pt.3 (Important) 2009”

  1. yeah, i really like that album. regards!

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