Come – Eleven:Eleven (Matador) 1992


There are 1050 albums on my ipod. They’re all completely legit. I’ve never downloaded shit without buying the record first and one by one I’ve dutifully downloaded  each of my CD’s and placed them  back in their respective drawer, cabinet or shelf where they have remained. One of the things I enjoy about iTunes is the stats column which tells me how many times I’ve played a track and if I want, when the last time I played it was. This is heaven for a music geek such as myself. To add to my geekdom I’ve also joined LastFm (my username is Bariken if you are interested) and this has the added of showing how many times I’ve played a particular artist in a cool bar graph thing. Joining LastFm has, for some reason, had me trawling through iTunes looking for those records that I’ve downloaded but have never listened to. For the most part these records fall into the category of records I bought while at uni and haven’t turned my mind to for a while. Some of my listening omissions have been surprising. None so more than Come’s debut Eleven:Eleven. Back in 1992 the critics couldn’t praise this band enough. As grunge broke and the alternative became the mainstream, bands like Come were a welcome relief. Taunt, tense and blues soaked, the music of Come was the sound of a alcohol-fueled depressive episode. A place where you can let the black dog of the leash for an hour or so. This is a record about misery and heroin. Fronted by a lesbian junkie and the former singer of Live Skull, Thalia Zedek, Come had a unique place in the  annals of early 1990’s alt-rock, rejecting both the grunge and riot girl stereotypes that were common at the time.  Although Come were defined by the extraordinary voice of Zedek, the presence of Chris Brokaw of the ultimate slowcore band Codeine, is the overriding influence. I used to listen to this record a lot. I’m not sure if that was a good indication of my mental state but hearing this a good ten years after I last heard it has been so far the highlight of my weekend.  The video of the track Submerge is from a 2007 band reunion

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