Merzbow – Maschinenstil (Dulaplover CDR) 1998


Sorry about the size of the artwork but my scanner is a bit dodgy and this is the only image I could find. If you are a Merzbow fan you know the frustration of releases going out of print too quickly and quite frankly I’m pretty sure  this is one that may have passed you by and fuck me, it’s still available. Released on the  mighty dualplover, home of the famous glass abuser Justice Yeldham, Maschinenstil is an absolute treat for Merzbow fans. Screaming torrents of feedback and white noise with the occasional industrial loop, Maschinenstil may be one of the most full one Merzbow releases I’ve heard. This is available from the dual plover website and is so fucking cheap it will make you feel dirty. Here is Mr Akita’s thoughts which I pinched off dulaplover:

“‘stormy monday’ was a title taken from first track of lee michaels album (a&m 1969), cause this composition is looks cluster organ sound! this organ sound was made by 5 oscillators unit, ring modulator and of 20 pitch shifters and enhancer, limiter, drum sound which sampled on 1 second sampling delay was taken from terry bozzio drum solo on ‘hands with hammer’ which featured on frank zappa ‘you can’t do that on stage anymore vol.3 (zappa records). i was very liked that drum sound. so, recently i often used bozzios sampling on stage as previous European tour.

‘shin kawasaki’ was inspired from landscape of shin-kawasaki industrial city. i recognized this station first time when i back from yokosuka by fast train of yokosuka line. i used drum machine(tr606). also used exd electro drum kit for bass sound. these equipments are sound very techno pop in early 80s. my composition was inspired from equipments too.” – Masami Akita.

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