KTL – IV (Editions Mego) 2009


KTL are the duo of Steven O’Malley from SunnO))) and Peter Rehberg (Pita). They originally formed to create music for a theatre piece called Kindertotenlieder  which I think means Place of Dead Children or something like that. I own all three KTL records available  on CD and I think they may have surpased themselves with this one. One of the slight criticisms I have of their previous records is that their quest for minimalism could sometimes be a bit too minimalist for my taste. IV amps up the creep factor that was present on the previous records. O’Malley’s doom riffs are more out front and centre and Rehberg’s tense electro-fuckery make the atmosphere of IV chillingly bleak. The frightening and dark Paratrooper is my favourite track. As the longest track here at over 20 minutes, Rehberg allows his laptop to create a disturbing Dystopia not quite matched on KTL’s other records.  IV is proving to be an expensive purchase at the moment given the strength of the Euro but shell out for this if you can, it may be one of the best things produced this year and a fitting soundtrack for the current GFC. 

2 Responses to “KTL – IV (Editions Mego) 2009”

  1. kindertotenlieder = songs about the death of children. It’s a series of songs by Gustav Mahler. Thanks for bringing all this interesting music to my attention – I’ve bought a load of things on your recomendation (favourite so far: Burning Star Core’s Challenger).

  2. noisenoisenoise Says:

    Mate thanks for that. What else did you track down?

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