Merzbow – Karasu: 13 Japanese Birds Pt.4 (Important) 2009


Fuck this is good. Another month and another release in the quite frankly, fucking awesome Japanese Birds series. Last week Karasu found it’s way into my letter box. Three tracks as per usual. All three follow the same mad drumming combined with analog power electronics  vibe of the previous releases in the series although I think  Karasu, might be the pick of them yet. The three tracks are all very lengthy yet never become boring. In fact he seems to be moving his noise around a fair bit more on Karasu than he did on the first three, kind of like what he does on 1930. Although I think this is a cracking Merzbow record, I’m not sure if I’m up for another nine of these because I don’t see how he can continue to male each one different. I hope I’m proved wrong because so far he’s done everything right with this series. All three tracks on Karasu are extremely strong but my favourite track is Morgue because have you ever wondered what it would be sound like if you went to a Lightning Bolt show and put your head in the speaker so all you could hear is a distorted roar with some nutty drums hammering away?  Well I do now. Thanks Mr Akita!

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