Merzbow – Merzbuta (Important) 2005


This record came out after Merzbird, Merzbuddha and Merzbeat. With a rather charming picture in the inner sleeve depicting   humans being simultaneously eaten by pigs and being sliced by a knife, you could forgive anyone for thinking that this is another example of the harsh PETA  focused releases such as Peace for Animals or Dolphin Sonar, but you’d be wrong. Merzbuta is an easily accessible slice of beat heavy, techno-savy Merzbow. I’d like to say that it works for me in the same way as the previous releases in the Merz series do, but despite its accessibility it is just not very interesting. I listened to Merzbeat, Merzbuddha and Merzbear after listening to this and all three of those records shit all over Merzbuta. It’s not a bad record in the scheme of things but you’d be better spending your money on one of Merzbow’s more interesting records. Newcomers would be better investing in Merzbeat or one of the new 13 Japanese Birds records or even my personal favourite, Merzzow. The fourth track of Merbuta is my favourite, its all glitchy and reminds me of Autechre which is not a bad thing in my book. I’m just not sure its worth buying the entire record to hear it.

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