Excepter – Alternation (Paw Tracks) 2006


God I’m fucking loving this band right now. I stayed away from Excepter for some time for a reason that now escapes me. Perhaps it was their delightfully corny early 80’s metal name that put me off, fuck knows. They reappeared on my radar earlier this year when I stumbled across this for a very good price at Rockinghorse.   Rockinghorse label them as avant garde and stock Excepter in the  same section as Merzbow and Wolf Eyes. Although Excepter are note even close to being a noise band in the traditional sense they are decidedly odd and anyone who hears their schtick understands the problem in trying to either define their sound. Excepter began when one of the  dudes form No-Neck Blues Band teamed up with a couple of New York DJ’s earlier this decade. To me they sound like a dub-soaked  Animal Collective exploring a world of post-electronica weirdness. The dub is what hits me the most when I listen to Alternation and it is precisely this element that separates them from other New York weirdos like Gang Gang Dance. They’re worth checking out and they’re certainly a shit load more fun than No-Neck Blues Band.

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