Merzbow – Senmaida (Blossoming Noise) 2005


I did a bit of a count of my Merzbow records the other day and I got to 44. By the end of the year I’ll have over 50 given the 13 Japanese Birds subscription I signed up for. Once I reach 50 I think I should get a telegram or something but know that I’ll probably contact my insurer and increase my contents cover. I don’t know how I managed to get that many Merzbow CD’s but fuck me if I didn’t find myself the other day trolling the Blossoming Noise website looking for a copy of Zophorus (thanks to EvolKween’s recommendation)  and while I was there I thought I’d shell out for the mighty Dust of Dreams and Senmaida as well. Now I’d always steered clear of this one. I knew it existed but just going on the cover alone I thought it was going to be one of those more visceral Merzbow releases. But how wrong was  I. This is Merzbow at his most cuddly and beat happy as opposed to his more recent gonzo drum-fests. .

Blossoming Noise are not kidding when they say that this is the record which should have followed up Merzbeat. It is one of the most accessible Merzbow releases I have and is in the same category at Doors Open, Merzbuddha and Merzzow.  Senmaida is three sticky and woozy slabs of  beat centred, electronica friendly noise. Sure, there are moments of malevolence but far less that you normally get on a Merzbow record. This is one of those Merzbow records where I actually get a little disappointed when the music ends. A very, very  good starting point for beginners and a source  of great fun for everyone else.

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