The Golden Sores – A Peaceable Kingdom (Bloodlust!) 2009


Sometimes the problem with many drone records is that there can be a lack of, well, much at all really. Take Birchville Cat Motel’s Seventh ruined Hex. That CD almost stood still there was so little going on. When drone is done right it is a pretty awesome thing to behold. So here I introduce you to the Golden Sores, a duo of Chicago drone scenesters and mates of the better known Locrian. What The Golden Sores have done on A Peaceable Kingdom is to make drone not only transcendent but also remarkably interesting. There is a fair bit crammed into the repetitive drone landscapes that the duo create. My particular favourite is the awesome We’ll Wield Fire which is founded on a bedrock of droning noise much akin to a cello being played by a robot but made somehow beautiful. But is is also the top layer of the music which sets Golden Sores apart from many thinking they do this stuff well. There is texture in the sound created by several layers of drone effects and compositional tweaks. I mean this is just awesome and if you have been a sucker for Kevin Drumm’s unbelievably majestic Imperial Distortion (I’ll post on that soon) then I suggest that you would  be wise to track this down. We all need beauty in our lives and although the Golden Sores may be the most inappropriately named band I’ve heard of in some time, they certainly create beuatiful music. I’m not sure if it is readily available yet but A Peaceable Kingdom can be ordered  from Bloodlust!.

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