Merzbow – Kamo: 13 Japanese Birds Part.6 (Important) 2009


I figured I’ve been writing my posts on the Japanese Birds series by comparing them to each other, which is fine if you are following them but if you didn’t sign up for the subscription and were looking for some advice on which ones to buy my  posts probably aren’t helping much. Well I can say with some certainty to stay the fuck away from this one. It is the most boring of the series yet. It contains the best titles though. Track one is titled “Bird killer Governor Ishihara deserves to die”, which, you know is cheery. But the tracks themselves are shit dull. Lots of gonzo, nutso drumming, mountains of scree and pulse and oscillations but nothing that would interest even a casual listener, no variety, no texture,. Fuck all really. If you are keen to dabble I think you should go for Part 2. It is still the absolute fucking  pick of them. Part.3 and 4 are also mighty fine but seriously go for Part 2. Jesus, I’ve got another seven of these buggers coming and I pray that Part 6 was a glitch rather than  trend.

One Response to “Merzbow – Kamo: 13 Japanese Birds Part.6 (Important) 2009”

  1. Rascaduanok Says:

    Really? I picked this up the other day and I really really like it! I’ve not heard Part 2 but I have heard #4. I love the cover art of #4, but this record sounds better to me. I love the drumming, and it works so well within the almost nondescript sounding Noise that it turns simply into another texture instead of rhythm. It sounds beautiful to me…

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