Shit and Shine – 229 2299 Girls Against Shit (Riot Season) 2009


Sometimes a record can be simply overwhelming. Not necessarily a bad thing but when you have to sit down and write about a record being overwhelmed does not facilitate a quick post. Those nice people at Riot Season sent me this at the same time as the excellent Black Boned Angel’s Verdum, but it’s taken me another week to come to terms with this record and try to write something sensible about it. If you have already heard Shit and Shine’s Cherry then you know a little of what you are in for, but I’ll warn you at the outset  229 2299 Girls Aginst Shit is a much more difficult record.Shit and Shine 2009 are still the ugly, violent, sociopathic stepchild of noise-rock, but they may have gone off their meds.
As per usual, Shit and Shine on record are a very different beast to their live incarnation. The production  never allows the songs to find their way out of a morose of fuzz and mud yet somehow it works well. The whole thing kicks of with the epic, stonking, rock-pig  groove of  the first track, have you really thought about your presentation, which has to be the best rock and roll song in the world this minute. I kid you fucking not. USA/MEXICO is what Harry Pussy would have sounded like had they been a black metal band with a Ween fixation. Yep that good. Yes 910! could be spacerock if it somehow had a scab that was being picked at. There’s an industrial, Wolf Eyes vibe about Pissing on a Shed and a left field take on early 1990’s hardcore on Robert’s Church Problem. How a record this full-on doesn’t take itself so seriously shows just how much fun noise-rock can be but I had to listen to two days worth of Stars of the Lid in a an attempt to make ammends with my ears.

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