Merzbow – Dust of Dreams (Thisco) 2005


This is probably my favourite Merzbow record. Big call I know but hear me out. Dust of Dreams, for me, is a prime example of why no other noise artist gets close to the great man. The record kicks of with the 12 minute 1339 an exercise of the interplay of psychedelic rock groove  and harsh noise. The real treat is the epic 37 minute Dust of Dreams, a track that would have even the most casual Merzbow listener in noise heaven. Over its 37 minutes, the track is anchored by a recurring loop of ethnic drumming which in turn is obliterated, changes pitch and re asserts itself before being swallowed again by layers of pure distortion. The track alternates between density and being flooded with light. It is in a work godhead. The final track leaves the  psychedelic forms of the first two tracks behind and embraces a quasi-industrial feel. It’s all great stuff. I’m not sure how readily available this is and I think I bought this from the Blossoming Noise website. Thisco is a tiny Portuguese label and kudos to them for releasing my favourite Merzbow record.


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