Nurse With Wound – Spiral Insana (Jnana) 1986


Over the last two years someone has had the sense to reissue some of Nurse With Wounds long deleted back catalouge and as a bit of a Nurse with Wound tragic I’m trying to hear as many of them as I can. This brings me to Spiral Insana which seems to be one of the most beloved Nurse with Wound records amongst the bands fans. It’s released at the  same time as a reissue of Alice The Goon, a very limited run EP and the bands new one, The Surveillance Lounge,  which seems to be getting some very savage reviews indeed.

All Nurse With Wound records are a bit mad and Spiral Insana is no different. The track listing has 20 or so tracks but it is mastered as three long pieces. Where the long list of individual track names fits into the three tracks isn’t quite clear. What is clear is that this is one of the easiest Nurse With Wound records to get into and if you like this then you’re going to get a kick out of the rest of their catalogue. The easiest way of describing this record is to say that it is all ambient soundscapes regularly interrupted by blasts of noise, field recordings of birds chirping and gregorian chants (for starters). In fact beyond that description there is no point describing this, you just have to listen. Equally beautiful and unnerving, Spiral Insana is one of the best Nurse With Wound records I’ve heard.


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