Wolf Eyes – Always Wrong (Hospital) 2009


For some reason Wolf Eyes have left the Sub Pop stable to release their follow-up to Human Animal on Prurient’s Hospital productions label. I had no idea this was even out had it not been for Evolkween posting on it a couple of months back. It arrived last week along with my copy of John Wiese’s Teenage Hallucination from RRRecords in Massachusetts. Ron the founder of RRRecords has a long history in the noise underground and his website offers some of the cheapest noise records you’ll ever find. Even with postage those two records cost me like $16.00 Australian each which is just fucking amazing considering my local rip-off indie store is charging $35 for the new Nurse With Wound record.

Anyway back to Wolf Eyes. Although I’ve never posted on Human Animal, their previous “proper” album” was absolutely killer stuff. It was a creepy departure from the horrific, death-disco of Burned Mind. On Always Wrong the band take yet another step to the right. Nate Young sings almost to a point where you can understand the lyrics, but kind of like a drunk sailor with a mouth full of broken teeth. Instead of the music creating a wall of impenetrable noise, the tracks lurch around whilst being pummeled with dissonant percussion, the odd shriek from Olsen’s saxophone and a myriad of other noise effects. Wolf Eyes are at the more tactile end of noise. More Hair Police or Mouthus than Merzbow or John Wiese. Less faceless laptop  surgeon and more rock band with a case of the bubonic plague. This doesn’t have the immediacy of Human Animal but it still shows Wolf Eyes have lost none o their power

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