snd – Atavism (Raster Norton) 2009


I’m a bit partial to this mimimalist tehcno stuff. snd are a band I’ve been wanting to hear for a while and my local rip-off indie shop had this for a price so outrageous I must have been drunk to buy it. Atavism is so minimalist that this Sheffield duo couldn’t even be fucked to give their tracks titles yet in some ways that actually makes sense given just how little is going on in many of these tracks. Atavism is an album that kind of develops as it progresses. Initially the beat is just that, a taunt, almost tonal beat that bangs away with nothing happening. Over the next few tracks the rhythm of the beat is messed up a little but there are no other sounds. Eventually other sounds do appear but they are  merely garnish, their contribution almost non-existent. Eventually the tracks progress to a stage where more substantial sounds are added. It’s all still minimalist as fuck but a bit more tangible. I read somewhere that snd are in a genre called “mircosound”. Fuck me, but that might just be the perfect term to describe this precise, stripped back electronica.

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