Daniel Menche – Kataract (Editions Mego) 2009

Yay! Menche is back. As a devoted  follower of all things Menche, it’s nice to see him back in his solo guise. At the beginning of 2008 he released a statement about how he wasn’t going to release any more solo work and instead focus on visual arts etc blah blah blah . Don’t know what changed his mind – don’t care either. The important thing is he is back. Back!!!  As an aside you should go read his blog over at www.danielmenche.blogpost.com. Menche may be the coolest high school librarian ever. Now to Kataract. Those bastards at Mego are releasing only 500 of these because noise music is so far up in own arse that only 500 people deserve to listen to this or it could be an economy of scale thing with the view that this stuff has a small market and 500 copies all they can shift. Whatever the reason I tracked this down from those nice people at Cold Spring and fucking la di da I’m one of the  lucky 500 so you know … worship me as a god.

So what’s it all about then. Kataract is one 40 minute track of processed field recordings and water falls  and electronic loveliness. I love it.  It’s harsh and droney and dreamlike and awesome and if you don’t buy this you suck. Seriously.  You know you want to hear what processed waterfalls sound like. You’re kidding no one. One of the albums of the year.

3 Responses to “Daniel Menche – Kataract (Editions Mego) 2009”

  1. yr writing used to be really rather good, but it appears you are regressing in maturity as time goes, and you seem younger and younger and ‘hipper’ and ‘hipper’ which each new post.

    Btw, as a fan of NZ experimental rock you should check out HDU’s Memento Mori EP

  2. It’s funny, ‘anonymous’ seems to leave a lot of negative feedback around the interwebz….

    I bought Jugularis on your rec, and you’re right, it’s pretty fucking amazing. Heading out the see the Animal Collective tonight……

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