Whitehouse – Birdseed (Susan Lawly) 2003

Whitehouse are one of the most important bands to have released records in the last 50 years. From their work as artistic directors for the opening ceremony of the Sydney Olympics, to their remix work for Beyonce, Whitehouse have done more to define modern pop music than any artist. U2, Cold Play and Jay Z all display the influence of this now sadly defunct band. Sure you may have  heard the bass line of Wriggle Like a Fucking Eel in Timbaland’s latter day work with Justin Timberlake but it may be their Pulitzer winning poetry for Philosophy which may hands down define them for eternity . Whether you are into pop, rap or musical theatre, Whitehouse will have you snapping those fingers and tapping your toes*

* Writing about  any record from the godfathers of power electronics is going to be a difficult to do. If you can come to terms with the sheer dodginess of the lyrics, the noise itself is an almost cathartic experience.  Skip through track 4 if you know what is good for you, but the rest will take you some where else whether you actually want to go there or not. A disgustingly foul bastard of a record. I recommend it.

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