Oneohtrix Point Never – Rifts (No Fun Productions) 2009

Oh My. There is a very good reason why Rifts is getting as much press as it is. In 2009’s dying breath Oneohtrix Point Never may have produced the finest record of the year. This record is a compilation of a couple of records released on No Fun Productions and other labels. Importantly it features Betrayed in the octagon, Zones Without People and Russian Mind along  with various tracks from limited run cassette releases. As a starting point you may never do better than the 27 tracks contained here. There are moments of beautiful drone which recall some of Menche’s best work, synth lullabies, experimental electronica, eighties influenced new age. Indeed Laser to Laser feels like the work of someone wearing a purple leather fringed jacket in a cloud of dry ice.

So many of the best records of 2009 have reinterpreted memories of music past that I think that David Keenan was right  in pronouncing a new genre of music. And if that genre does exist then Rifts may be one it’s defining moments.

One Response to “Oneohtrix Point Never – Rifts (No Fun Productions) 2009”

  1. This is why i love this blog. i’ve heard of this band enough times, but for whatever reason hadn’t ventured to hear their music yet. totally compelled by the review here. and yes, the music is killer.

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